Eric Denning

Eric Denning is an seasoned  mechanical engineer with 8 years of experience.  As an engineering consultant he applies sound engineering practices to the food processing industry with over three years of hands-on experience in the field.  Prior to his current role, Eric served as an industrial refrigeration design engineer, honing his expertise in refrigeration system design.

In his current capacity, Eric excels in food processing plant layouts, project management, with meticulous attention to detail.  His organizational skills have been instrumental in successfully delivering complex projects on time and on budget.  

Eric brings a depth of knowledge and practical experience to his consultancy role enabling him to provide innovative solutions tailoring to the unique needs of each client.  He thrives in fast-paced environments where his ability to remain organized and focused ensures project success. 

Beyond his professional endeavors Eric is deeply committed to continuous learning and staying update on the latest industry advancements and food processing technology.  He is passionate about leveraging his experience to drive efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the industry